Saturday, February 11, 2017


The goat-georgic below is also the first entry in a new blog I have begun, Into the Porches, where the reader will find the poems I shall be sending, on a daily basis, to the White House. Not the protest poems you may expect, and surely deserve, but strictly dulce et utile, prodesse aut delectare, for it is to be sweet and useful, didactic and delectable, that one strives. TC

                                                  And in the porches of mine ears did pour
                                                  The leprous distilment
(Hamlet I.v)

Poem Sent to White House 2/11/17

One of our goats,
miscarried last Thursday.
Three not remotely viable  goat-fetuses
were discovered
asleep in the hay.

yet at the same time
sort of beautiful in its way.
Nature's mind
is a corpse-chucking fuck-show,
as we farmers like to say.

We also have chickens
and bees
except the bees are gone

We were like 'Stay!'
but they  were all 'No.
it's time for us to go.'

Bye, honey.